Powell Padres 2016 - 2017 Board of Officers

Rani Harrison

Vice President

  • My Job: Client Finance Manager - I help sell Business Process Services for IBM

  • On the Board I will: support the President in any way I can to make her job easier.  I hope to be the “catch the remaining pieces” person.

  • Children: My kids are in first and second grade.

  • Something about me:  I detest cheese which can make dining difficult as most Americans put cheese on everything.

Dan Wolf


  • My Job: Corporate partnerships director at an international non-profit. Creating and maintaining pathways for businesses to make an impact where their employees and customers live and work.

  • On the Board I will: Tell the Powell Padres story and inform the entire Powell community about the impact we are having on the school. Raise $30K to support the school

  • Children: My kids are in pre-k and a future Powell student

  • Something about me:  Surprise surprise... I love Excel. I was born in South Africa. I want to ride a Segway to work one day. I wish I could Scuba dive full-time.

Mia Paustian


  • My Job: I’m a clinical psychologist and I’m currently working in private practice.

  • On the Board I will: Support Powell Padres in whatever way I can and reach out to our diverse Powell community in both Spanish and English. 

  • Children: My child is in Pre-K

  • Something about me:  I once took a wrong turn and ended up in Michigan.

Heather Schneider

Director of Communications

  • My Job: Sr. VP of Operations at a small creative agency in Columbia Heights. I help run the company and our projects.

  • On the Board I will: Create a Powell Padres website that fosters greater collaboration and outreach between the families.

  • Children: My child is in Kindergarten.

  • Something about me:  I’m a bit obsessed with dogs and have become known as the Petworth lost & found dog lady. Strangers call me asking to help.

Andreina Laffargue

Director of Volunteers

  • My Job: I’m a biochemist. I used to work in a research institute but don’t work at the moment.

  • On the Board I will: Get Parents more involved in the Powell community by volunteering at various occasions. I want to unify the Powell community with all its diversity towards a common vision.

  • Children: My child is in Pre-K.

  • Something about me:  I can do a very good French accent when I speak English :-)

Elisa Waske

Director at Large, Lower Grades

  • My Job: Senior Manager at Cap Gemini Government Services.

  • On the Board I will: Work to bring the students, parents and Petworth community together to continue to strengthen the schools for our children and our community.

  • Children: Kindergarten and two more future Powell students.

  • Something about me:  While I’ve been in Washington, DC for 16 years now, I’m a Cleveland fan at heart. I used to work for the Cleveland Indians and continue to dream for a Browns SuperBowl.

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